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The latest addition to the Johann’s War series

Eyup then!
As of this writing, I have three series available now. Each one takes place in a different time period. From the Victorian Era to the second half of the 20th century, each series brings a long a stunning cast of characters for you to love and hate.
Johann’s War
The year is 1919 and Germany has crumbled, but already the new shoots of recovery are beginning to sprout. Swept on a tide of National Socialism, with the upcoming star Adolf Hitler at the helm, the country sets itself on a course for a new Reich.
Caught in the middle are Erich and Johann Brandt. Erich joins the Nazi Party and covets his place inside the inner circle of the new Third Reich. Determined to stop Hitler’s madness and protect the vulnerable, Johann fights the Nazi machine at every turn across Europe.
But will he have it in him to face his older brother when the final showdown comes?
Pomp and Poverty
Pomp and Poverty begins with the coronation of Queen Victoria. As Britain stretches its influence across the globe, the powerful Norlong and Ebonson families seek to take advantage.
The poor and downtrodden never feel the benefits of Britain’s power. But young Edward Urwin’s life undergoes a radical change when he wins a scholarship to St. John’s Boarding School.
As he comes into contact with rich and poor, the sky really is the limit in a country that rules a quarter of the globe.
The War Years
The War Years series charts the course of Danny Keeton and his five brothers as they fight to survive the Great War.
At the tender age of fourteen, Danny and his identical twin Charlie thinks this is all one big adventure. When they witness the horrors of France and Belgium, they discover the realities of foreign battlefields.
With no way back, they must grow up over five years of conflict, where they will lose family, friends, and innocence.
How much will they have to give just to make it through?
Made in Yorkshire Classic
The Made in Yorkshire series follows Richard Warren’s life from birth to his thirtieth birthday. Born in 1953, Richard grows up in the North Yorkshire region of England, in the village of Ledder Bridge. For a time, he remains isolated from the wider world, even though the entire country has to contend with the threat of nuclear war.
Things change when he reaches double figures and finds himself trapped in a quarry after an ill-fated adventure. This event kick-starts a series of life changes that will take him away from this insulated rural environment to the great cities of London, Newcastle, and Leeds.
Shadowing him all the way is his older part-time socialist brother Peter Warren. The brothers lead two very different lives, but their paths constantly tangle and separate throughout the years.
Each story takes place against the backdrop of Britain at the time. From the comparative calm of the post-Second World War period to the chaos of Thatcher’s Britain and the miner’s strike that followed, the world is changing and Richard must change with it if he wants to prosper.





  1. Eyup, Ronnie, the book is out now. Keep checking back to the site and the NOOK version should be approved by B&N in the next day or two. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I have enjoyed these books so much, hope to read more, but have no interest in the war years books

  3. Has your book 1818 been published yet? I cannot locate it on Barnes and Noble using my Nook.

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