An Introduction to Yorkshire

A Completely Unbiased Description of Yorkshire

I understand that the chances are not all of you have heard of Yorkshire before. Those living in the UK have no excuse, but those in places as far away as Australia and the US I can understand may not have had much contact with us.
If you wanted to find out about Yorkshire, you would normally seek out the cornucopia of knowledge that is Wikipedia. But never fear. If you’re reading this website, I’m going to save you the trouble of leaving.
Below you will find a neutral and comprehensive view of Yorkshire with absolutely no bias whatsoever…

The Basics

Yorkshire is the largest county in England. It’s an area of the north split into four administrative areas. People from Yorkshire prefer to split everyone into these four areas because we’re so diverse. You have the old industrial areas of South Yorkshire, the rural North Yorkshire, the significantly less wealthy area of East Yorkshire, and the significantly more wealthy area of West Yorkshire.Yorkshire Sunset
Fun fact: I come from and have always lived in West Yorkshire.
A common ‘nickname’ for Yorkshire is God’s Own County. I left ‘nickname’ in inverted commas because this is a common mistake made by people who don’t come from Yorkshire. It’s not a nickname because it’s the truth. The Bible foolishly left out the part about God going on an annual holiday to Scarborough.
Yorkshire is so fantastic that it even has its own flag. This consists of the white rose of the English royal House of York on a light blue background. And, no, this isn’t one of those flags that we just made up. It’s been recognised by the Flag Institute.
What makes Yorkshire so unique in England is how distinct the area is. We have a mix of both rural and urban areas. Leeds is one of the largest cities in the country and forms part of a golden triangle of wealth. Elsewhere, we have the former steel producing city of Sheffield, the historical city of York, and the port of Kingston-upon-Hull.
In Made in Yorkshire I focus on both the urban and rural areas. Richard Warren grows up in North Yorkshire, where the Yorkshire Dales are located, for example.
Yorkshire is known primarily for having the greenest grass in the country. It’s no coincidence, either. It’s the fact God has a house around here. How else could the fields suddenly turn so bright?
I could go on for hours about the history of Yorkshire, but there are already plenty of sites that have done that, which you can find through a quick Google search.
All you really need to know is that Yorkshire is much much MUCH better than anything in Lancashire on the other side of the Pennines mountain range.

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