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Made in Yorkshire
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Follow the story of Richard Warren over twenty years of British history. Beginning in Ledder Bridge, Richard is a young farm boy with no concept of the real world. As 1964 passes and he matures, he outgrows the countryside and makes his way to the cities. His life takes twists and turns, from the highs of journalistic success to the lows of becoming an outcast in society.
See where he and his older brother Peter Warren end up twenty years on in 1984.
Books in the Made in Yorkshire series:
1964 (Made in Yorkshire Book 1)
1969 (Made in Yorkshire Book 2)
1972 (Made in Yorkshire Book 3)
1973 (Made in Yorkshire Book 4)
1976 (Made in Yorkshire Book 5)
1981 (Made in Yorkshire Book 6)
1984 (Made in Yorkshire Book 7)
Between the Years
The War Years
Made in Yorkshire War Years Banner
The six Keeton brothers all have different nuances and all have different goals in life. The outbreak of the Great War changes everything and they find themselves in the middle of the bloodiest conflit in human history.
Join fourteen-year-old Danny Keeton as he goes to war with his identical twin brother Charlie Keeton and the rest of his family. As the war drags on in this five-book series, he must grow and mature quickly if he is to survive until the end.
But how much of the life he knew will he lose along the way?
1914 (The War Years Book 1)
1915 (The War Years Book 2)
1916 (The War Years Book 3)
1917 (The War Years Book 4)
1918 (The War Years Book 5)


  1. Eyup, Michael, cracking to hear it. Feel free to email me with any thoughts you have any time. I love hearing from readers. Hope you’re having a good start to 2016!

  2. Haven’t read a book in years until I saw made in Yorkshire,now I have read them all I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed them,I finished changing of the guard in November,and when I send this comment I will be buying pomp and poverty,brilliant books thanks. Happy new year

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