Johann’s War

Our Father
Our Father Cover“The German Revolution had indeed begun.”
The Second German Reich has collapsed in the flames of World War I and the country is in chaos. Republicans, rogue soldiers, and communists are rampaging through the cities and villages of Germany. Faced with destruction, the nationalists fight back against their enemies, turning the country into a battlefield.
In Munich, Erich and Johann Brandt are a pair of impressionable teenagers just trying to get by. When Erich falls under the sway of young speaker Adolf Hitler, he joins the party without a second thought. Erich drives further and further into Hitler’s inner circle, which all culminates in a deadly march through the heart of Munich.
Horrified at his brother’s fall into National Socialism, Johann does what he can to fight back against the spell that Hitler has placed the country under. That is until he attracts the brutal attentions of SA captain Oswald Yorck.
As elections turn against the democratic parties, Johann does his best to save his country before it’s too late. But it could cost him his life…


Gathering Clouds
Gathering Clouds Cover“After five years they had found freedom again.”

Adolf Hitler has swept into power and already the democratic mechanisms of the old Weimar Republic have been dismantled. Nazi Germany has risen and Hitler already has his eyes on expanding the Third Reich. Jews, communists, gypsies, and homosexuals are all targets for the new regime.
Now in Berlin, Erich is appointed to the SS, where he works with Reinhard Heydrich’s Gestapo to make the country fall into line. But haunted by the murder he committed to prove his loyalty to the Reich, Erich is close to crumbling. Only his wife Hannah and new son Heinrich give him reason to keep on going, but when Sabrina Waldner comes into his life he risks everything by beginning a sordid affair.
Elsewhere, the first concentration camps form and the endless supply of prisoners are worked and beaten to death. Oliver Rosen finds himself caught in the middle, but years later he’s still alive in Dachau. Why did they let him live? What’s so special about him?
The truth is as confusing as it is relieving. Could it be a decision Erich comes to regret?

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