1964 CoverRichard Warren was born in the unassuming village of Ledder Bridge, deep in rural North Yorkshire. Our story starts in 1953, where parents Cassandra and James (Jim) are welcoming their new son into the world. The world is recovering from the Second World War and preparing for a brand new Cold War. Richard doesn’t care.
Growing up starts at a different age for us all. For Richard, life starts at eleven in 1964. Between the squabbles and the adventures with his brother Peter (aged 15), Richard’s life consists of nothing but working on the family farm and receiving tuition from his mother. This all changes when Peter forces him into an adventure to the old quarry.
Unable to resist exploring somewhere new and unveiling the mysteries of what lies within the village and in the countryside, Richard follows.
Things soon go wrong and Richard finds himself trapped in the depths of the old tunnels. It is here he must grow up quickly. Soon after, he comes into contact with an alcoholic old fool named Mr Warner. What Richard doesn’t know is this old man will come to define his childhood and later career. For now, Richard must come to terms with the pressures of adulthood encroaching on what should be an innocent and carefree existence.


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Update: 01/05/15

1964 (Made in Yorkshire Book 1) hit number five in the main Kindle store. It also hit number one in Historical Fiction and Coming of Age fiction, as well as a number of other smaller categories on the UK and US Amazon sites.

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