1969 CoverRichard Warren is now fifteen-years-old and this is 1969, the age of protest and rallying. As the Cold War heats up and America enters what will turn out to be the bloodiest conflict since the Second World War, things are changing at home in Britain. The world of before is about to fall.
Dissatisfied at their son’s lack of doing well…anything at all, Richard’s parents have forced him to take a job as an apprentice journalist at the Ripon Chronicle in the city of Ripon, a few miles away from Ledder Bridge. Richard’s curiosity soon gets the better of him and he finds himself delving into the affairs of a retired editor, a strange black flag seen in Ripon, and a lost child.
These questions follow Richard around and he quickly finds himself moving away from his apprenticeship towards the big bad world beyond. With a desire to discover and avoid the prospect of working on his family’s farm for the rest of his life, Richard is tasked with conducting an investigation into the shadowy anarchist movement in London.
Richard moves away from home and into the impoverished East London borough of Shoreditch. He has just six months to uncover the truth about the brutal Black Liberation Division, which seeks to bring down the entire country around itself.
But who is that old face watching and waiting in the wings?


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