1972 CoverRichard Warren is now eighteen-years-old and officially an adult. Three years ago he joined the Ripon Chronicle as an apprentice. Now, back in Ripon, and with a journalistic credit from one of the nation’s biggest newspapers under his belt, everything has changed. Out on his own for the first time, Richard must finally grow up without the security of home in Ledder Bridge.
After coming back from London, his first love Anna Perris re-appeared and got him a job working with the Ripon Chronicle again. As the daughter of the boss, Anna is able to lead him through the difficulties of working for the Chronicle and help him build a career for himself. She is infatuated with him, and he craves her.
Conflicted between a desire to advance himself and dealing with Anna, his journey takes him up to Newcastle and into the arms of red-haired flame Jessica Deakins. With a job at the leading national newspaper Britain Today and the prospect of achieving more than he could have ever dreamed of, Richard must balance his love life and his career.
His new job soon drops him into the world political corruption in the presence of an old enemy. But will this newest assignment destroy everything he has ever worked for?


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