1976 CoverBritain is booming as the seventies roll on. None of this matters to twenty-three-year-old Richard Warren, who is half way through a five-year prison sentence. With so long inside remaining, freedom feels like a world away. He detaches himself from the prison population and winds himself up in a cocoon.
Smuggling jobs from an inmate named Lavender keeps him busy and running from the wardens offers a thrill, but one job takes him on a journey that quickly unfolds into a possible offer of salvation.
With the help of London gangster Scotty Weston and the pushing of his psychiatrist Dr. Jason Appleford, Richard sees an opportunity to connect with the outside world and make contact with his wayward brother Peter.
When Scotty makes him an offer he can’t possibly refuse, Richard decides to put himself on the line for a chance of getting out.
Will Richard manage to survive and begin picking up the pieces of his shattered life?


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