1981 CoverTwenty-seven-year-old Richard Warren lives in Mayfair on the most prestigious street in London. Reunited with his brother Peter Warren, the Warren brothers have it all. Years of living lavish lifestyles have disconnected them from the wider world.
But all this is about to change when the Metropolitan Police begin to crack down on London gangster Scotty Weston’s operations. Thatcherism weighs down heavily upon Britain and unemployment reaches record levels. Richard’s life is out of control and destitution is the order of the day. Within days of losing his job, he finds himself with nothing left in the world.
Homeless and lost, Richard realises all he has left is his brother and ex-fiancée Jessica Deakins in Newcastle.
Does Richard still have the knack to get back up or will London’s underground community of down-and-outs drag him down to their gloomy depths?


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