1984 CoverRichard Warren has turned thirty. Twenty years on from the beginnings of a strange and wonderful tale and he finds himself with a family in Yorkshire again. Far away from the dark depravity of life in London, Richard is only now beginning to retake the reins of a normal life.
But as the miner’s strike rears its head, enemies from the past return to haunt Richard one last time. His brother Peter launches himself into the action for the ultimate showdown between the traditional working classes and the establishment. Whilst Richard does his best to stick to his novel writing and cultivating a relationship with his son Jack, the gruelling stalemate gradually drags him back into a world he thought he’d escaped.
With a family under threat from all sides, Richard must put aside his desires for a quiet life in Yorkshire. But if he is to triumph this time, he might have to give up one of the most precious things he has left.

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