Between the Years

Ever wondered what happened to Richard Warren between the main novels?
Get the answers to many of the unanswered questions and discover some of the reasons why Richard is the way he is as he grows up with Made in Yorkshire – Between the Years. This exclusive anthology of short stories is a work in progress available exclusively to subscribers of my newsletter service. Each time I complete a new story, I will add it to the anthology and provide an update on this page.
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Between the Years Cover

1967 – A Friend from Liverpool
Richard Warren is fourteen and alone in his home village of Ledder Bridge in Yorkshire. Everything changes when he meets a lost boy from Liverpool named Dylan. Taking full advantage of finally meeting someone his own age, together they cause havoc throughout the village, including paying a visit to Richard’s old adversaries in the Camberwell family.
1971 – Backpacking with the Past
The year is 1971 and Richard Warren is two days into adulthood. Whilst spending most of his time in the North Yorkshire city of Ripon, he bumps into an old comrade from the Black Liberation Division. Discover the true fate of the movement post-Yellow and what happened to Richard’s former comrades after he returned home.
1973 – An Old Wound
Fresh off yet another shellacking, Richard Warren is on his way home from national newspaper Britain Today when he is accosted by a strange old man. With claims he knew his beloved childhood friend Mr. Warner, Richard re-opens an old wound as he delves back into the past.
1973 – Why Do You Ask me These Things
Richard Warren’s relationship with Jessica Deakins is under threat from the interference of former flame Anna Perris. Determined to hide the truth of his previous dealings with her, Richard endures an awkward afternoon in Newcastle’s city centre attempting to avoid Jessica’s probings. Will he finally come clean about just how far Richard and Anna went during their time together in Yorkshire?
1974 – Welcome to Pentonville
Richard Warren rides to HMP Pentonville, and faces the worst welcoming committee in England. It soon becomes clear attempting to make a mockery of the system won’t wash with the violent chief warder Mr. Carewood and his cohorts. Can Richard manage to last five minutes outside of decent society?
1980 – Learning to Drive
Richard Warren experiences the teenage rebellion he missed all those years ago. If it doesn’t involve women, drink, or drugs, it doesn’t happen. Angry with Richard’s perceived lack of progress, London gangster Scotty Weston forces him to learn to drive under the unwilling tutelage of Bill Ayris. When Richard appears at his lesson drunk, it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong.

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