Pomp and Poverty

Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard Cover“I thought my parents were killed when two runaway packhorses threw off their loads at the Ebonson Carrying Company…I was wrong.”
Queen Victoria ascends the throne in 1831 and heralds in a new era of prosperity for the British Empire. Whilst the great Norlong and Ebonson families fly the flag for the British Empire, Edward Urwin spends his time scratching pieces of art into the cobblestones of Birmingham.
Life is straightforward for Edward until a strange old man approaches him in the street. With the help of Henry Beechworth, Edward learns to read and use his special talents to win a place at St. John’s Boarding School.
But it isn’t all down to good fortune. Edward doesn’t realise he’s under control of forces far more powerful than him. Forces that are determined to shape him in their image. Forces that are determined to bury the mystery of the demise of the Urwin family for good…


Over the Edge
Over the Edge Cover“Just another reason to leave this rotten, uncaring city behind.”
Three years after the Ebonson family’s fall from grace and Gertrude Ebonson has become what no woman wants to be. As a fallen woman, she trades the only thing she has left to survive the cold winters. Penniless and isolated from her friends, she contemplates the end of her life.
Meanwhile, Theodore Norlong lives under the iron fist of his abusive aristocratic father. Forced into a loveless marriage, Theodore must put his feelings for Gertrude aside. Under the threat of being condemned to an asylum, Theodore tows the line. But when an opportunity to escape appears, he decides to take one last chance.
Only Edward Urwin sees a way out, in the form of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen; Eleanor Salisbury. But with the brutal orphanage owner Dr. Jacob Thorne and his increasingly distant boss Victor Kennelworth determined to hold him back, it seems the three friends will never be reunited…


The Worst Sins
The Worst Sins Cover“One day I will escape.”
Madness has become the defining point of Theodore Norlong’s life. After his father followed through on his threat to have him condemned, Theodore was cruelly ripped from reuniting with his true love Gertrude Carnall. Now Bedlam is his home, where he writes a stream of working class propaganda.
But escape isn’t far from his thoughts.
Miles away lives Edward Urwin. After accepting Clive Griggs’s offer to join him, life has never been better. As he continues to grow in wealth and power, Edward must balance the new responsibilities of joining the upper classes of the British Empire. When an unexpected inheritance comes through his life changes forever.
Separated from her childhood friends, Gertrude Carnall is a widow. With nothing to do but run a household, she finally snaps and decides now is the time to return to work. She accepts a job working as a maid for the wealthy Hortbury family, but the head of the household has his eyes on her.
Gertrude’s decision may just turn out to be the worst of her life.
Masters of Our Fate
Masters Of Our Fate Cover“I’m happy that it’s all over. Now we can all start again.”
Together again, Theodore Norlong and Gertrude Norlong are happily married. Free to enjoy their lives together, it doesn’t take long for cracks to appear in the relationship. As Theodore makes his desires to become a Member of Parliament clear and Gertrude dedicates herself to saving the women of the slums, marriage and a happy home life become secondary.
In the heart of London, Edward Urwin finds himself on the opposite side of the political line to his best friend Theodore. Pushed into becoming a Member of Parliament by his business associates, he feels he has no choice but to accept.
But hidden assassins are hunting the three friends, and they are ready to strike. Is this just coincidence or is there a hidden meaning to a violent carriage chase through London and a bomb planted in Birmingham?
They will have to survive if they want to find out the truth.


Hard Luck
Hard Luck Cover“What possible way did he have back now?”
Far away from home in New York City, Catherine Urwin lives a life of servants, idle chatter, and submissiveness to her wicked guardian Francis Hortbury. When her painting class is interrupted by local gangsters, she becomes drawn into a series of events that leads her back to England and back into the world of Theodore Norlong and his political adversary Sir John Calderdale.
Meanwhile, London is gripped by fear. A series of brutal murders have left Whitechapel in shock. Owen Norlong watches on, like everyone else, but when Sir John intervenes, he is forced into a world he never wanted to be a part of, a world he ran away from.
With Sir John on the point of becoming prime minister, Catherine and Owen become embroiled in a story that could bring down both their families. But as love slowly blossoms, will Owen be able to capture Catherine’s heart?


The World As We Know It
The World As We Know It Cover“The words each of the three shared would go with them to their graves.”
The Queen is dead, long live the king. The Victorian era is coming to an end and war is on the horizon. Faced with millions of people dying and Europe in flames, Theodore Norlong, in Berlin, fights to stop the war to end all wars. Faced with a conspiracy to bring the nations of Europe down, he soon realizes he is not fighting a politician but a whole nation baying for blood.
In London, Catherine Urwin battles to keep up her growing family. Her husband’s jewellery shop burned to the ground and her only son, Andrew, fights against mental illness. With Edward Urwin desperately trying to rebuild a relationship with his family, Catherine must stifle her pride if she wants to do what’s best for her son.
All culminates in the Belgian town of Liege as Europe teeters on the edge of destruction.

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