Masters Of Our Fate

Masters Of Our Fate Cover“I’m happy that it’s all over. Now we can all start again.”
Together again, Theodore Norlong and Gertrude Norlong are happily married. Free to enjoy their lives together, it doesn’t take long for cracks to appear in the relationship. As Theodore makes his desires to become a Member of Parliament clear and Gertrude dedicates herself to saving the women of the slums, marriage and a happy home life become secondary.
In the heart of London, Edward Urwin finds himself on the opposite side of the political line to his best friend Theodore. Pushed into becoming a Member of Parliament by his business associates, he feels he has no choice but to accept.
But hidden assassins are hunting the three friends, and they are ready to strike. Is this just coincidence or is there a hidden meaning to a violent carriage chase through London and a bomb planted in Birmingham?
They will have to survive if they want to find out the truth.
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