The World As We Know It

The World As We Know It Cover“The words each of the three shared would go with them to their graves.”
The Queen is dead, long live the king. The Victorian era is coming to an end and war is on the horizon. Faced with millions of people dying and Europe in flames, Theodore Norlong, in Berlin, fights to stop the war to end all wars. Faced with a conspiracy to bring the nations of Europe down, he soon realizes he is not fighting a politician but a whole nation baying for blood.
In London, Catherine Urwin battles to keep up her growing family. Her husband’s jewellery shop burned to the ground and her only son, Andrew, fights against mental illness. With Edward Urwin desperately trying to rebuild a relationship with his family, Catherine must stifle her pride if she wants to do what’s best for her son.
All culminates in the Belgian town of Liege as Europe teeters on the edge of destruction.
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