The Worst Sins

The Worst Sins Cover“One day I will escape.”
Madness has become the defining point of Theodore Norlong’s life. After his father followed through on his threat to have him condemned, Theodore was cruelly ripped from reuniting with his true love Gertrude Carnall. Now Bedlam is his home, where he writes a stream of working class propaganda.
But escape isn’t far from his thoughts.
Miles away lives Edward Urwin. After accepting Clive Griggs’s offer to join him, life has never been better. As he continues to grow in wealth and power, Edward must balance the new responsibilities of joining the upper classes of the British Empire. When an unexpected inheritance comes through his life changes forever.
Separated from her childhood friends, Gertrude Carnall is a widow. With nothing to do but run a household, she finally snaps and decides now is the time to return to work. She accepts a job working as a maid for the wealthy Hortbury family, but the head of the household has his eyes on her.
Gertrude’s decision may just turn out to be the worst of her life.
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